Industry Lunch Workshops – Thursday, 12 October 2017

12:00 – 14:00

When less is more – Role and impact of minimally invasive techniques for deformity correction

Innovative minimally invasive technique for 3d correction of AIS
Romain Dayer, Switzerland

How to achieve sagittal balance with MIS when correcting Adult deformity?
Neel Anand, USA

MIS for deformity – the value perspective (economics)

Expert Perspectives on Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Sagittal Alignment of the Spine
Today’s challenges of a spine surgeon in complex spine and deformities

Case discussions and new perspectives

Thomas R. Blatter, Germany
Martin Repko, Czech Republic
Hisam Ariffin, Malaysia

Endoscopic Spinal Surgery: Experience and Evidence

Ralf Wagner, Germany
Guntram Krzok, Germany

Debate: This house believes that using iliac crest autograft for spinal fusion is ethically unacceptable

For the motion
Bronek Boszczyk, UK
Against the motion
Claudio Lamartina, Italy 

Advanced imaging in spine: “Step into the new dimension of spine surgery”
The Concept of full-endoscopic Spine Surgery – State of the Art and latest developments

Full-endoscopic interlaminar and trans-/extraforaminal surgery of lumbar disk herniations – Technique and indications
Full-endoscopic decompression of lateral and central lumbar spinal stenosis – interlaminar and trans-/extraforaminal approach
Anterior and posterior approach for full-endoscopic surgery on the cervical spine – Opportunities and limitations
Full-endoscopic surgery on the thoracic spine – Interlaminar, extraforaminal and transthoracic procedure

Martin Komp, Germany
Semih Oezdemir, Germany
Patrick Hahn, Germany
Sebastian Ruetten, Germany


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